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Even though It has been a very long process to get this divorce accomplished, I truly appreciate everything that you have done for me Jane. I do appreciate your patience with me as I believe there have been a few times that I have been quite impatient. To me, the process seemed quite long and drawn out, but you helped to keep me calm and patient, thank you for that. Your fees were very reasonable and manageable all around. Even the part of returning to me what was left in my trust/retainer. I say that because I have heard of many that have not returned what was left and just made up excuses of why there aren't any more funds left, just to be able to keep it. You didn't do that at all and I truly appreciate that. I would strongly recommend you to anyone that I know in the future going through a divorce in the state of Tennessee, especially, in your city/county and surrounding areas. Thank you very much for everything.
- William
Mrs. Cassell was very professional and knowledgeable about the issues I was facing. She gave me some very good advice and assisted with all the documents I needed and prepared an excellent packet for me. My application was approved with her help. Thanks!
- Cynthia
I have been in a situation in the last 6 months with an old boyfriend that has now proved to have had a pass of abusing and causing pain to other women. He was stalking me and falling in to his ways of the past. I live out of state and Caleb Cassell of the Cassell Firm, took hold of this. The harassing protection claim of the guy in Nashville was false and Calab's goal was to put a stop to this man's ability to keep me in court and causing me unjust expense in the future. Caleb, had this case due to his expert experience with domestic violence, "dismissed" and proved without a doubt that this stalker/past boyfriend would have to answer to the judge at her bench with no way having this bogus protection claim issued, but dismissed it instead.👍 This lawyer was professional, quick to handle a last minute court appearance with me traveling 14 hours total to prove my innocence. Caleb, worked to strike this claim and this man's ability to keep bothering me and Caleb was able to prove without a doubt that the claim was a false claim. My sincere gratitude to Caleb. It is a refreshing experience, that there are good, caring, lawyers out there!! My thanks is overwhelming and he will not waste time nor you money or time!! Caleb, if given the truth and the real support to prove you are innocent, will be very driven to find justice.
- CJ
I hired Mrs. Cassell to represent me in a civil contempt case. Jane is very professional and did her due diligence to ensure that I received the outcome I was looking for. I am currently a paralegal student at Nashville State Community College and have been learning a lot about the law and legal ethics, Jane is an excellent example of what the attorney-client relationship should be and represent. I would strongly recommend that if you need legal advise or need to obtain legal counsel that you call The Cassell Firm.
- Anthony
Mr. Cassell is smart, tenacious, and detail-oriented. Very easy to talk to, and he really cares about people and his work, I would definitely recommend him!
- Jessica
Thank you for everything you did for my case. This was a paid lesson learned. I am so happy to have this all behind me now. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- Nicole