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Nashville Family Law Attorney

Nashville Family Lawyers for Divorce, Custody, and Other Family Law Matters

Domestic disputes and legal issues involving spouses, children, and other family members can be the most devastating times in a person's life. Whether you are considering divorce, have been denied visitation with your child by his/her other parent, have become involved in a child support or paternity dispute, are concerned about the welfare of children in your family, or are having trouble communicating or cooperating with an ex-spouse you are probably wondering if there will ever be any resolution to your problem. Family Law and its issues can be painful.

With experience representing families across Davidson County, we understand that your family is important to you and each case is unique and deserving of the same attention and care that we would give to our own families. When you are dealing with sensitive and personal family matters, you will want a Nashville Lawyer who will be aggressive when needed, look out for your interests, and keep the preservation and future of your family in mind.

Family Law Services

Child Custody Lawyer: A Father’s Rights in Tennessee

In Nashville, Family Law gives fathers the same right to participate in the lives of their children as mothers regardless of whether or not the parties were married when their child was born. Many people assume that courts will automatically award sole custody of a child to the mother in a custody dispute, but that simply is not the case.

In any decision related to family law and children, courts will consider the best interest of the child or children when making decisions. But fathers should still be aware of their rights and how to defend them; this can be different depending on whether you are married at the time your child is born. Talking to an experienced Child Custody Attorney will be vital to finding success in your custody case.

Divorce Lawyer Nashville

Many people have no idea what to expect when they decide to get divorced. The divorce process may seem like a simple parting of ways, but in reality, it involves so much more than just two people separating. Sometimes divorces are amicable, and the spouses involved can agree on how to divide assets, debts, bank accounts, and other property. Other times, especially when children are involved, what seems like a simple separation can quickly devolve into a devastating process that leaves both sides emotionally and financially drained and unhappy.

If you are considering divorce or have decided to part ways with your spouse you will soon be faced with discussions on alimony, child custody and visitation schedules, who gets assets like homes and vehicles, and the division of the personal property you and your spouse have bought together. You will need an attorney experienced with legal services centered around divorce to consider all of these things for you. Let our attorneys guide you through one of the most difficult times in your life and provide you with the support you need to ensure that you have the best outcome possible after divorce.

Post-Divorce Attorney

It is not uncommon for ex spouses to have trouble getting along long after a divorce. Your former spouse might be failing to abide by the terms of a court order, parenting plan, or agreement they signed. Your ex-wife or husband may have met someone new, gotten married, and now they want to move or change the visitation schedule you have with your children. Maybe you were only supposed to pay alimony until your former spouse started living with someone new and you've found out they are moving in with a new partner.

Even if both former spouses are cooperating with one another, things like financial hardship, remarriage, relocation, or your children aging mean that you need a plan that fits and protects your family better than your current agreement. Regardless of how good or bad your relationship with your former spouse may be, changes in child support and custody or having to go to court to force a former spouse to comply with a court order can be an emotionally difficult and legally complex process.

Our divorce attorney in Nashville, Tennessee will help you deal with these challenges and come to a resolution that improves the lives of you and your family.

Child Support

Making sure their children are provided for can be a challenge for many parents. For some parents, a relationship has ended, and they are struggling to raise and provide for a child alone. For others, they are doing their best to make sure they financially contribute to raising a child; they just don't know how. Whether you are wondering about child support because you are getting a divorce or because you and a former boyfriend or girlfriend ended a relationship, child support will be a requirement in caring for your child.

In a divorce or custody dispute the court will order one party to pay child support. Child support is an amount of money paid to the parent who has the primary responsibility for minor children to provide for expenses like education, food, and other costs associated with raising a child.

Child support conflicts can have a massive impact on your finances and your children. Whether you need help financially caring for your children or you are no longer able to pay the amount a court has set, our office can help you resolve child support issues, allowing you to have peace of mind and security.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that will allow you to select an agent (a representative) to manage your financial, medical, or parental responsibilities if you are unable to handle them for yourself. Illness, incarceration, long-term travel, and peace of mind are all reasons to have a power of attorney. Generally, there are two main types of POAs you should consider, and each can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

When you go through a divorce, one of your biggest concerns will be alimony or spousal support. Alimony is an amount of money awarded by the court to be paid by one spouse to the spouse who is economically disadvantaged in the marriage. Tennessee law goes out of its way to recognize the contribution of both spouses to the marriage. This means that both financial contributions and contributions to the care of children and the home will be recognized by the courts.