Did you know that one divorce occurs every single second? Oftentimes, finalizing a divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not have conflict with your former spouse in the future. Your children will grow, you or your ex-spouse might change jobs, or you might even get remarried. In instances such as these, your original divorce decisions may no longer work for you. This is where post divorce modification comes in handy. 

With help altering any specifics in child support, alimony and more, a reliable family and divorce attorney can have your back. If you’re still unsure that your situation would require the need of a family and divorce attorney, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Cassell Firm provides family and divorce law services to Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. 

Here’s when you may need an attorney for post divorce modifications:

  1. Changes in Child Support 
  2. Enforcing Divorce Agreements
  3. Asset Disagreements
  4. Custody Disagreements 

Changes in Child Support

When it comes to your divorce agreements, changes in child support, child custody, visitation, and alimony are subject to change depending on your individual circumstances. As no two cases are alike, if your post divorce situation has changed and you need to alter your previous child support agreements, post divorce modification is possible. 

Making changes in these agreements or orders can be difficult without the right help. With a qualified family and divorce lawyer, you can effectively solve your child support needs post divorce. 

Enforcing Divorce Agreements

Similarly, if you need assistance enforcing divorce agreements post separation, a qualified family and divorce lawyer can get you back on track. Sometimes your post-divorce conflict is not about changing anything, but instead is about enforcing the agreement you made with your ex-spouse or an order of the court. 

When your ex-spouse refuses to abide by the terms of your divorce agreement, you have the option to enforce your divorce agreement by asking the court to hold him or her in contempt. Some disputes simply cannot be resolved without the post divorce modification assistance from the court.

Asset Disagreements

If you agreed to sell your home and split the profits with your ex-spouse, but your ex still hasn’t even put the house on the market, you could qualify for post divorce modification. Or, maybe you agreed to a smaller alimony payment because you believed you would be getting money from the sale of your home. 

Regardless of your situation, if you need to make changes in your original divorce agreement because of joint assets, the court can help. A professional family and divorce attorney can help you ask for the court’s assistance in enforcing this agreement or even holding your ex-spouse in contempt.

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Custody Disagreements 

Divorce can also be painful when it comes to spending time with your children. Sadly, some parents are unable to move on from a divorce and will use their children to hurt their ex-spouse. Maybe your ex-spouse refuses to let you see your children when there is scheduled visitation time. 

Perhaps you have concerns about how or if your children have been cared for when they return from visiting the other parent. In both of these scenarios, you should consult an attorney about modifying visitation or custody arrangements. Post divorce modification can help reset your post divorce life.

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Significant changes after divorce can be tough on you and your family. Our Middle Tennessee Divorce Lawyer can help you navigate these important and difficult times in your life. 

Whether you are considering divorce, have been denied visitation with your child by his/her other parent, have become involved in a child support or paternity dispute, are concerned about the welfare of children in your family, or are having trouble communicating or cooperating with an ex-spouse you are probably wondering if there will ever be any resolution to your problem. 

Here at The Cassell Firm, we understand that your family is important to you and each case is unique and deserving of the same attention and care that we would give to our own families. 

When you are dealing with sensitive and personal family matters you will want an attorney that will be aggressive when needed, look out for your interests, and keep the preservation and future of your family in mind. 

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