The dissolution of a marriage is often a challenging process, even under the most amicable circumstances. But when it comes to high-conflict divorces, especially in Tennessee, the intricacies become even more profound. Central to these complicated matters are child custody disputes, which can be heart-wrenching and mentally exhausting for all parties involved. 

In this article, we aim to describe the landscape of high-conflict divorces in Tennessee and common child custody disputes that arise in these scenarios. If you find yourself in the midst of a custody battle, seeking out an experienced child custody lawyer is essential for ensuring the best possible outcome.

Understanding High-Conflict Divorce

A high-conflict divorce is characterized by intense animosity, frequent litigations, allegations (often exaggerated or false), and prolonged disputes. Often, the core issues revolve around power and control rather than the genuine concern for the welfare of the children.

Tennessee, like many states, prioritizes the best interest of the child when making custody decisions. However, during high-conflict divorces, the waters can get muddied, making it more difficult for courts to discern genuine concerns from revengful tactics.

Common Child Custody Disputes

  • Physical Custody Battles: One of the foremost issues in high-conflict divorces is determining where the child will live. While joint physical custody is ideal, it may not always be feasible or in the child’s best interest.
  • Legal Custody Decisions: This pertains to who gets to make significant decisions in the child’s life, like healthcare, education, and religious upbringing. In high-conflict situations, this can become a significant battleground.
  • Parenting Time and Visitation: Scheduling can quickly turn into a nightmare. It’s not uncommon for one parent to try and limit the other’s access as a form of retaliation.
  • Relocation Disputes: One parent may wish to relocate for a job or to be closer to family, leading to significant disputes, especially if the move might limit the other parent’s access to the child.
  • Allegations of Unfitness: It’s distressingly common in high-conflict divorces for one party to allege that the other is unfit to parent, sometimes leading to exhaustive investigations.

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The Role of a Child Custody Lawyer

The role of a child custody lawyer cannot be overstated. An experienced divorce attorney, especially one in Nashville, can offer:

  • Guidance: Navigating the legal maze of child custody during high-conflict divorce can be overwhelming. A lawyer can provide clarity.
  • Advocacy: They can represent your best interests and ensure that your voice and concerns are heard in court.
  • Protection: In situations where false allegations are made, a skilled lawyer can provide necessary defenses and ensure the truth emerges.

While every divorce is unique, high-conflict divorces in Tennessee come with their set of challenges, particularly concerning child custody disputes. Should you find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial to have the right legal team by your side. At The Cassell Firm, we take the extra step to protect you and your child. Call us today to discuss your case.